Competitive Pricing

Experience the efficiency of a courier service, designed to enhance your business operations at a cost-effective price. The service ensures swift deliveries, minimizing damages and losses, all without the burden of high expenses. Ideal for dispatching prototypes, inventory, or samples, World Options’ parcel delivery services ensure prompt and reliable delivery.

Reliable Shipping Partner

When booking your packages for domestic or international parcel deliveries, you simply input the weight, dimensions and, address.

It’s that easy!

Commercial invoices and a certificate of origin aren’t required for domestic parcel shipments.

User-Friendly Online Parcel Shipping Platform

The courier service provided offers exceptional value for money, enabling cost-effective deliveries.

It allows businesses to accelerate operations while minimizing damages and losses, all without the need for premium fees.

Whether you’re sending prototypes, stock or samples, World Options parcel delivery services get there faster.


International Parcel Shipping

Navigating the complexities of international parcel delivery is made effortless with World Options.

We streamline the documentation process, ensuring it’s as straightforward as domestic shipping and equally swift

Getting started is quick, and obtaining a quote for any of the thousands of global destinations takes mere seconds.

Book by your area’s cut-off time (shown in the portal) to avail same-day collection. After finalizing your booking, easily download and print the shipping label for your package


Parcel Delivery


Discover the robust capabilities of the Express Parcel Delivery Service, adept at handling heavyweight shipments for both domestic and international destinations.

Utilize the quote tool to effortlessly find the ideal solution for your substantial parcels.

Account Enquiry Form

Account Enquiry Form