Simplified Document Shipping

Express Document Envelopes are exclusively for time-sensitive letters and paperwork.

Typically, a document is considered any piece of communication that is written, typed, or printed and holds no commercial worth. There’s no need for export paperwork when sending these items internationally

Reduced Delivery Times

With World Options Express Documents, customs clearance is not a necessity, enabling faster shipping times. This service facilitates quicker deliveries from the UK to over 200 global locations, including:
  • Next-day arrivals in many major European cities
  • Approximately one to three days for deliveries to the United States
  • Around three to four days for shipments to Australia and Asian countries

Express Document Delivery with
Timed Service

Experience the convenience of express document delivery with World Options, now featuring timed delivery services. For a small additional fee, we ensure your documents arrive precisely before a set time.

Getting started is quick and easy. In just moments, you can obtain quotes for numerous global destinations through the user-friendly portal.

If your booking is made before the local area cut-off time, we offer the option of same-day collection.

After finalizing your booking, simply download and print the shipping label for a seamless shipping experience.

Account Enquiry Form

Account Enquiry Form